Be The Light That Illuminates Your 2020 Vision

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By Akreative1man



Every day you wake up is a new day for a new beginning for great things to happen. However, you must be in the right mindset so you can accomplish what you may face during your daily endeavors. You must stay positive and not let anyone stray you away from your destiny because life is too short, and for some, it may seem too long! Move through life with purpose, and don't look back. Stay focused because sometimes your past will make you feel a bit sadden in your thoughts! I'm here to tell you that it is easier to smile than frown, be the best you can be, and keep moving forward.

In some instances, you must encourage yourself to keep on the right path in life. Have you ever wondered why anytime you're working towards any of your accomplishments, you keep feeling an irritating pain that's constant and seems like it will never leave our stomach. You may even get the butterfly feelings that make you think about what's going on, well that pain you're feeling is a sign of great things to come. Have you ever heard of birthing your blessings? Just like a mother giving birth to a child, blessings are birthed through the pain. I've even heard people say the harder the grief, the bigger the benefits!

There's a beginning, a middle, and an ending. God is the overall writer on this journey, and you're the director of your actions on this path. Strive to get what you need, and elevation will come. You must believe in yourself and walk that walk like you never have before because your goals in life are to complete every task that comes your way and be happy with all of your decisions.

The changing over to this new decade, stepping into 2020, its time for you to embrace your 20/20 vision. Its time to see all your aspirations and goals come to life. Try collecting photos, positive quotes, or items you come across and create a vision board. Put them together so that you can see them daily to be a reminder of what you want for your life. Then work towards the manifestation of those goals, dreams, and aspirations.

You made it to 2020, step out and dare to be the light! Keep connecting your smile with others because you never know who may need a sharing smile to keep them going strong!

You got what it takes to be the best at whatever you do, and the only way to find out is to act on it. Keep trying, never give up, and know your worth. Life is about pressing on. Being a mover and shaker that knows they can conquer and live life to its fullest. Just look in the mirror and let your reflection speak to your heart. Listen as it's telling you, you got this and you can do it! Keep hope alive, live, love, and be happy! This new year, this new decade will be amazing, so stay true to yourself and watch all the miraculous blessings transpire.


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