What's In Your Closet? Let's Make Some Colors, Pop!

2020 Closet Colors organization

By Akreative1man



Have you taken time to inventory your closet(s) for clothes that are out of season, in need of an overhaul, or just plain ole taking up space? How about taking a look at your color options? Do you always wear the same colors? Do you think you look better in a particular color, but others often compliment you on colors and patterns that you don't feel fits your personality? Have you ever asked yourself, how do I get some vibrant colors in my closet?

Let's start with refreshing your closet by separating clothes you no longer wear, clothes that you can't fit and clothes that may be outdated in style. As the seasons start to change, this is when you should start doing inventory on what's in your closet and drawers, so you will know what you have. When the seasons change, you should too. Now, if you haven't already, you can start by color coordinating the clothes in your closet. During your color organizing process, this is where that aha moment happens. Wow, I do wear a lot of black, blue, or whatever your dominating color is. Now let's separate into seasons, spring/summer, fall/winter fashion. Now is the time to keep, give away, or throw away. Remember someone else's trash is someone else's treasure.

Colors motivate people. The three primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. These are the only colors that can't be made by adding or mixing other colors. All the different hues are created by combining primary colors. These primary colors affect our mind, body, and soul! They give us life; colors create our mood! So while making the clothes in your closet pop, make sure your ready to have a fashionably fun time creating your ensembles.

If you wear primary colors only, add color to your life and get away from the same colors that make you feel like you have nothing to wear. There are so many colors to choose from to get this collection going. You can take your neutral colors and pair them with some beautiful and bold colors and accessories. If you have a lot of dark solid colors such as black, try adding more vibrant colors to the collection. Have fun in your closet; sooner than later, you will have an eye-catching pallet that will flourish with your stylish dreams.

Remember, there are specific colors that accentuate the skin tone, so find colors that fit you. Mix and match pieces that will compliment you. Listen to the compliments; see yourself through others' eyes. You have your neutrals, solids, prints, and monochrome colors to see different shades that suit you; it's okay to change and be versatile with different colors and styles if you can coordinate your colors right from the closet and those choices bring you joy.

 Piece by piece, build yourself a wardrobe that speaks volumes about you. Seek items that have contrast and dare to be different! If you are a person with a unique personality and have an original style that sets you apart from everyone else, let it flow!

Mixing and matching colors will allow your inner soul to shine. You no longer have to feel that the items in your closet are bland; organize, and make it pop! Just note when wearing outfits from the closet that you are sassy and classy or bespoke and debonair. There's nothing like staying ready to get ready! Shine in the day and dazzle the city night lights.

Yes, indeed, clothing colors carry a lot of emotions. There's a meaning for every color that exists. When choosing colors to wear, make your first impression a lasting one. When people observe you, they will take heed in how you express your personality. Have fun, and breathe life into your closet!

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