What's Love Got To Do With It? EVERYTHING!

2020 FramboiseFashions Love ValentinesDay

By Akreative1man



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Love is everything sweet and kind!

You can have a love for people, a special someone, things that you are attracted to, or you to them. Call it what you want, but LOVE is universal. Know matter where you go; people understand the language of love. Yes, I know you think love can be blind or so we've heard, keep hope that one day you will be captured by true love. There's no mistake when love finds you, especially when the attraction is mutual and gratifying.

NOW is the season to let love flow into your heart and bring out the very best from you. Make it a time for new experiences and a new attitude. It's time to do you! Find a way to make some intimate connections. What lights your fire? What brings a smile to your face?

Now that we have you putting on your best accessory, let's get you fit for the LOVE season. There are so many colors, styles, and textures. Always look for items that accentuate your personality. Transform your style into something vivacious and eye-popping. The love season brings you some fabulous colors reds, blacks, golds, purples, and whites. Not only colors try your hand at snake and animal prints. Whether you are a woman or man, married, dating, single, and free, you can create a fashion collection that will bring a flare and sparks to your closet. Get ready for those selfies that will have the onlookers asking, "Is that?... Wow! Share your love and create your wow factor. Be sure to pick fabrics that make you feel good. Maybe the material is soft or flowy. What color and fabric screams sexy to you? Create a collection that fits your love mood. Whether your love connection is your everyday crush, someone new or you're flying solo have a little fun mixing and matching colors that you wouldn't normally wear. Be sure to get outfits that work for your body type. Cause seriously, what may work for someone else may not work best for you. Your best friend is the mirror, be sure to check it before stepping out to be sure your ensemble is on point.

Make this Valentine's Day and every day after joyous by spreading some love, light, and sharing your style with the world! 

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